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Correction: Because we're all trying to #BYAB and BeYoung

There are a lot of products out there claiming to turn back time. Try to find one you like -something that doesn’t peel off your face or cause your bank account to send you an alert- with one or more of the following anti-aging ingredients in it. 

*Retinoids: The classic anti-aging and acne-fighting ingredient. Retinoids work by accelerating skin turnover, keeping pores empty and thickening the epidermis (the top layer of skin). This lessens the appearance of fine lines. While this can cause initial redness and flaking, your skin will adjust and be better for it! You just need patience and more moisturizer. And sun protection. 


*Growth factors: Like a protein shake for the skin! Growth factors supply your skin cells with an optimal environment to thrive. They are well tolerated so do not usually cause any irritation. I consider them a bonus if they can be added into your daily routine. 


*Anti-oxidants: Vitamins C, E, Kojic Acid, blueberries...the list goes on. Antioxidants work to scavenge free radicals (caused by pollution and other irritants in the environment that lead to DNA and other cellular damage). Remember, DNA damage makes us all older, faster. 



When it comes to your routine: these ingredients and products can be combined, used on alternate days, sometimes less frequently, or just when you’re feeling down in the dumps (just kidding). It can be confusing- shocking. So see your local dermatologist to suss out what works best for you and your skin! 


My personal favorites: 


Patricia O'Connor, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

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