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It's 2021: Time to make SPF your BFF

While there seem to be endless steps and options for your skin care routine, if you stick with any step, make it sun protection. SPF should be worn all day. Every day. Rain, shine, summer, winter. Those UV rays can make it through any amount of cloud cover. Anyone else ever get the worst sunburn of their life on an overcast day?! (I did not...but, I know people who have). Some rays (UVA- the one that ages you-eek!) comes in through glass. Your commute, running errands in between buildings and cars, walking the dog, walking to the mailbox, it all adds up. 2020 has changed everything. We’ve all modified our routines and with outdoor hangouts not going away, no one gets a pass any more. You better like your sunscreen if you’re going to be wearing it so much. So you don't look older than you are. And you don't wind up with skin cancer

My favorite brand is Elta MD. Yes, it is physician dispensed (so check and make sure if you buy it, it is from a certified vendor.) But it doesn’t come with the price tag you’d expect. It’s awesome. All of it.

But of course, there is Amazon and over-the-counter options. No matter what you are buying , the things to look for on the labels are: 


While I don’t usually recommend sprays because I feel like they get unintentionally sprayed like air freshener or perfume, these are my favorites. Of course, they are both zinc based, and require rubbing in after spraying. Which might defeat the purpose of the spray, but speaking as a parent with fast-moving targets, the Elta Spray is a fan favorite in my house.


As this is, again, THE most important part of a daily routine and the best way to protect yourself, if you have questions about sun protection, ask your dermatologist. 

Or come and see me! At Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center. 


Patricia O'Connor, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

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