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My hobby is skin care. Because I don't own a Peloton.

Moisturizing: while the word moist alone is cringe-worthy, don't avoid this step!

Regardless of skin type (oily, dry, combination, mature, young, etc...). Any time you wash your face, your skin is drier afterwards. As water evaporates, your skin's water evaporates with it. While it may seem like a chore, locking that moisture in before it evaporates will protect your skin. Dry Skin is damaged skin and can lead to infection and irritation. Imagine a brick wall without mortar, and stuff getting in through the cracks. Repair the cracks! Within 3 minutes.


Working from more superficial to deep: 

HA5 Hyaluronic Acid:

THE best kind of humectant. Water loving. Attracts 1000 times its weight in water, mostly from the environment and water on your fingertips, to plump and hydrate cells. So it stays superficial to repair the epidermis (the top layer of skin), and smooth it. Some call this a hydrator (rather than a moisturizer)...but I say, po-TA-toe, po-ta-to. 

Rejuvenative moisturizer:

The best kind of blah. An elegant moisturizer, without the fuss. This is the product to buy when you’re ready to step up from those drug store moisturizers. It has a nice combination of antioxidants, a retinol, and hyaluronic acid. A little bit of everything! 

Triple lipid restore:

The best kind of indulgent. Made of 2% pure ceramides, 4% natural cholesterol and 2% fatty acids, it goes deep to give you that long-lasting replenished and calm skin. This triple lipid blend works to replace the skin’s lipid loss, which declines with age. Perfect for the winter months, especially the cold, dreary days when both your skin and mood need a boost. Self care, people! This is my splurge product. And bonus, it smells like France!


For sensitive skin:

Vanicream Lite Lotion and Cream: MADE for children with eczema. But used in everyone! Vanicream products are free of all fragrances and most irritating preservatives- the 2 most common skin irritants. Moisturizing is especially important in those with eczema and skin sensitivities as they are more at risk of skin infections. Again: dry skin is damaged skin. That stuff from the environment (bacteria and other microbes, and irritants) can be a problem. Moisturizing, especially after bathing, helps prevent water loss and maintains a more healthy skin barrier….and the moisturizer you’ll want to use is vanicream. The moisturizing cream is thick without feeling too heavy. The moisturizing lotion is thinner and easier to spread. I like the cream for winter months and lotion for summer. Head to toe. Every patient. Every age.


Patricia O'Connor, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

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