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Recently, it has been brought to my attention that my underarms are dark. I never really paid much attention to it, but with a vacation coming up, I could'nt help but feel self conscious. Unfortunately, a lot of women of color struggle with this, but that's why im here to help.  With all the products on the market screaming that they help with hyperpigmentation, it was hard to pick one. Especially when TikTok is telling me I just need to rub lemons on my pits. I decided to go with "Faded" by Topicals. Now this took a lot to expose myself but you will see down below that your girl came a long way... yikes. But here we are!

Bottom line is that faded works better than lemons or any essential oils would...but you should always check with your dermatologist before you start anything. That's what I did! 

Thanks for checking out my pit tracker...next up: Hair. The struggle can be real. 


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