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Women Supporting Women

Whenever I have a question, I admit that my first instinct is to google. But after that, I rely on a number of group texts and chats with my mom, sisters, friends and colleagues. I don't know where I would be without these ladies. Thanks to all of the women who have helped me juggle everything. And answered all of my questions: "Is an instapot worth it?" (spoiler, it is NOT lifechanging. You still have to prep the food.) "What are the best maternity scrubs?" (Cherokee). "How do I get my patients to take me seriously when I look 12?" (Still working on this one...) "Would I embarass you if I wore this?" (If you have to ask..) "What do I do with a sick child when I have to work?" (Call your nurse's mom and cry). The list goes on...


Featured below are some of my awesome #dermbossladies and of course my sisters (and brother).


Patricia O'Connor, MD

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